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The Grill Room: Affordable Gourmet Grill for Two

Food: 4.5/5 Ambiance: 4.5/5 Service: 5/5 Cleanliness: 5/5 Bathrooms: 3.5/5

Good to Know:  Book early to get a good seat. It’s always packed.

As I scroll through my photos to do a bit of digital cleaning, I came upon ones from The Grill Room that I just couldn’t delete before I added it onto this blog. After a busy working Saturday in Hong Kong, we chose a close place in Causeway Bay. I was scrolling through options on Open Rice, a food app and was craving steak. The Grill Room did not disappoint–from the ambience to the affordable steak set for two.


This place gives an unpretentious cool vibe. The ride up in the claustrophobic elevators provides an instant juxtaposition to the openness of this restaurant. Step out of the elevators and you are instantly there. The lighting and music joined nicely with the busy sounds from the open kitchen. Just like me, people were meeting up with friends and family, winding down from a long work week.


Just like the ambience, the food was elegant but unpretentious. My husband and I ordered a set meat for two, which included a starter, soup, surf and turf, and two kinds of dessert for $788. He may disagree with me, but i enjoyed every single bite from start to finish. Okay, the half a point deduction was that the mille feuille was a bit too airy and could have used a bit more sweetness. The main star of the night was well worth the wait. It included blank angus rib eye steak, tuna steak, and king prawns. Typing them just now is making me wanting to go back. Every piece of protein was grilled perfectly to our requests. I enjoyed the slightly burnt flavor of the seafood. The tuna came with a sweet honey glaze sauce that paired perfectly with the steak, too, in my opinion.


Not much to say here, just that you can thoroughly enjoy yourself here. Just don’t be alarmed at the small bathroom. You’re in Hong Kong, after all.

Final Thoughts:

I would be willing to navigate the busy streets of Causeway Bay on a Saturday night to come back here, hands down. If you’re going to have a night out in the town after, perhaps stay away from the set meal, as you will want to curl up in bed after the massive amount of yummy goodness in your belly. I know I did.