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Breakfast at the Westin: They Do Bacon Right

Food: 4/5 Ambiance: 4.5/5 Service: 4.5/5 Cleanliness: 4.5/5 Bathrooms: 5/5

Good to Know: Special order drinks like thai iced tea & iced coffee for free.

If you know someone who works in China most likely you will have seen endless beachy resort pictures posted on social media…for a whole. entire. week. This is the famous “Golden Week” in the beginning of October to celebrate China’s National Day. Many of us flock to Southeast Asia to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city life–including me! I got to enjoy some solo recharge time in Phuket, Bangkok at The Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa.

My goal was to eat, swim, read, sleep, and repeat. So naturally, I chose a place based on food reviews and comfort. This post will be about the breakfast buffet bar, the main highlight of the day.


The breakfast area highlighted a lifestyle of indoor-outdoor living with seating options in both areas. The obvious benefit to sitting outside is unbeatable sea view. Outside is quieter and calmer because you escape the noise of dishes clashing and chairs scooting in and out. However, sit inside to escape the heat, especially when eating hot bowls of noodle soup. The hotel has two main dining areas to disperse the crowd. One area connects to a game room, which felt less grand but still comfortable. Ask to sit in the main dining area to get access to better variety of food.


This is a 5-star hotel, so do come with high expectations. Dishes and utensils were clean, spills were cleaned up immediately, and the seating chairs were not worn down. One thing that surprised me was the constant swatting to get rid of flies around your food. This is an unavoidable consequence of indoor-outdoor living. The public bathrooms always smelled of magnolia and soap and towels were abundant.


The first day I immediately gravitated towards the bacon. And they do bacon right. A tray full of crispy, slightly-burnt bacon was placed at the first of the buffet line. My English-style breakfast came with herb-roasted tomatoes and beans with a hint of spice and peppers to give it a kick. The potatoes alternated between roasted and crispy hash browns, both to my liking. Depending on the cook, you may receive an overdone omelette or a watery poached egg. For the Asian palette, you can try the noodle station. The broth is light, fresh, and well-seasoned. The fishballs were chewy and not fishy at all. I wouldn’t recommend their green egg noodle. It tasted bland and the texture came out too mushy. As always, take advantage of the juice bar where you will find refreshing mixes like, carrot & ginger, spinach, mango, banana & milk, passion fruit & orange juice. All equally tasty and consistently chilled.

Final thoughts:

The breakfast is what you would expect at a resort. It has a decent variety of western/asian food but some typical staples were missing like, smoked salmon and dim sum dumplings. Expect it to be noisy at times especially during Golden Week.